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A person engaged in collection of waste articles business after retirement at the age limit comes to the neighborhood.
I drive a Canter truck on an early morning and the weekend and collect a large quantity of newspaper mainly.
I seemed to be glad of social, making use why you could do your best so energetically after retirement.
I want to follow it in the future, too.
It was used and seemed to purchase the Canter truck.
Still I think it to be a good sum, but seem to be the purchase from the retirement bonus.
The collection of waste articles did not see it recently, but it was made an effort for revival the one, and an area activated it.
A small child lionizes it and goes ahead through the maid.
In addition, it is classic and does exchange for toilet paper, and toilet paper is handed to a person handed newspaper.
Because the toilet paper rises, I think that it does not pay, but an old good point seems to be splurged on recently when I want to tell.
I feel nostalgic for such a scene very, and I hear the sound to inform collection of waste articles, and a feeling is good.
It might be that the imitation was not readily possible, but it wanted to be to the human being whom it was possible for by such a social service naturally while I repeated age.
By the way, the Canter truck of the outstanding performance seems to become the second unit this year.
I seemed to be very very busy, and the recycling business seemed to be added, too.
I want to follow it sometime.